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Denial will play the Americas Minor South America closed qualifier as Sons of Scoots

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  Eduardo “Link” Osuna, a former Denial Esports CS:GO player, said that his team will play the upcoming Americas Minor South America closed qualifier under the name “Sons of Scoots.”

  The change comes after Scott “SirScoots” 必发88 Smith, a longtime figure in the esports community and an advisor for the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association, gave financial assistance to the Denial players last week so they could stay in Brazil for the qualifier.

  “It’s not about me,” SirScoots tweeted. “It’s about these guys chasing their CS dream despite the speed bumps and bullshit along the way.”

  Denial is shutting down, according to the organization’s co-owner Zach Smith. 必发88 Smith is being accused of failing to pay players and other esports organizations. He said that the CS:GO players can’t receive their salary “until they return to their home country.”

  For now, it’s unknown when the players and the organization will come to an agreement since Link said they’re working to solve the problem.

  Sons of Scoots are set up to play against 必发88官网 9z today at 1pm CT for the first round of the Americas Minor South America closed qualifier. The Sons of Scoots roster includes Link, Juanes “sickLy” Valencia, Jesus “sam_A” Taboada, Carlos “Blue” Arestegui, and Julio “VAATI” Jimenez.

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